Top Free Metronome Apps for Android

This post is part of a larger post that I am writing about recording music using your Android Phone. The metronome is one of several apps that I believe will be necessary to accomplish that goal, and I will link to it as soon as it is finished.

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As I was downloading Metronome apps I had a few requirements that they must meet to be on this list besides being free.


  • 1. App Permissions – The more permissions an app asked for the less likely I would be to download it. I don’t know why an app would need my location to play a steady click tone.
  • 2. I just want a Metronome right now, not an all purpose app that does everything. In my experience things that do one thing perform better than those that try to do it all.
  • 3. I want it to be simple to use, easy to see and easy to change the speed when I am practicing. I don’t want it to get in the way.
  • The Apps

    These are the apps that I feel would make a great choice to download and use (as of September 2016):

  • BMetronome – Fits the very simple and easy to use rule very well. This is a free app with no ads! The click is a steady beat though, no marking the “1” beat and there is no visual display. Total app size is less than 1 megabyte it’s only 588kb.
  • Simple Metronome – This is a great app that is easy to use, has the accent on the first beat adjustable to any time signature, it does have a great visual that can be seen very easily, and is the smallest app on this list at only 324 kb.
  • Metronomerous – this is a metronome for people that are very serious about metronomes. I feel forced to put it on this list because it actually brings the metronome to a whole new level. It is easy to use and still has some advanced features that you never thought you needed, such as counting 4 beats then resting 4 beats. It will do all kinds of complex time keeping. This app is 3.18mb
  • Metro Drum – This app is very similar to a drum machine. It uses actual drum beats to jam along with instead of the steady click, click. The ease of moving through the different beats and changing tempo make this a great app to white songs with. The only downside is there is no visual display of the tempo, and it is also the largest app on this list at 10.23mb.
  • Maestro Metronome -is another great little app. Does what it says it does with an easy to see counter. This app is 2.96mb

  • And that is the list. I hope that you will find something that you really like and can use. There are so many apps out there right now that it is impossible to review them all. If you already have a metronome that you like, by all means use it.

    My Favorite? – I had to go with two favorites: Metro Drum for when I’m working on a new song and Simple Metronome for when I am working on precision and want a simple light weight metronome.

    Thanks for reading!

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