Top Free Voice Recording Apps for Android

This post is part of a larger post that I am writing about recording music using your Android Phone. The voice recording app is one of several apps that I believe will be necessary to accomplish that goal, and I will link to it as soon as it is finished.

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As I was downloading Voice Recording apps I had a few requirements that they must meet to be on this list besides being free.


  • 1. App Permissions – The more permissions an app asked for the less likely I would be to download it. I understand that because it is the mic it might need access to the phone but I saw some apps ask for really strange permission.
  • 2. I just want a voice recorder right now, not an all purpose app that does everything. In my experience things that do one thing perform better than those that try to do it all.
  • 3. I want it to be simple to use, and I want to be able to share files from inside the app so that I can email my recordings to myself. I don’t want to have to dig through my phones memory for my recordings.

  • Some Quick Words!
    I downloaded quite a few apps for testing and I must say I saw NO (or very little difference) between all the apps concerning the sound quality of the final recording. Some apps have nice displays, and some have a lot of options to adjust the sound quality and/or to save them as different types (wav, mp3, etc.) but with equal settings there is no difference between apps and your Android probably already comes with a voice recorder pre-installed. Why don’t I use it? Because I can’t share my recordings from inside the app (email them to myself for download on my desktop system).

    The Apps

    These are the apps that I feel would make a great choice to download and use (as of September 2016):

  • Audio Recorder 11.45mb is a good simple recorder, no display or much in the way of settingsbut it is fairly easy to navigate and does what it is supposed to do.
  • Smart Voice Recorder 4.16mb is a great app that has a nice freq. analyzer while recording, showing you what frequencies are more dominant. You are also able to calibrate the mic for loud and quiet sounds.
  • Voice Recorder 8.3mb This is a cool app that displays the wave as it is being recorded. Very simple with next to no settings.
  • My Favorite?

    I go with the Smart Voice Recorder it has a lot of adjustments and is still smaller in size than the others.

    Thanks for reading!

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