In this post I want to talk about Ovation guitars. My Ovation has been one of my main acoustic guitars for several years now, it has made it through well over 100 live shows through all types of weather, bar fights, spilled beer, etc.. I never took it easy on the guitar in any way, and  I only had a cheap gig bag to put it in. The only physical repairs the guitar ever needed was when I had the frets replaced once and so at the same time I had the repair shop change the input jack which is a special order part. The guitar has never one single time let me down. Always sounds perfect and just plays fantastic. I’ll admit the plastic round back (they call it Lyrachord®) takes a while to get used to, and I still need to use a strap when I’m sitting to hold the guitar in place, but once you get used to it you never think about it again.

Ovation guitar 1861 Balladeer

The construction of the Ovation guitar has a strange and cool story, in that it was created by a guy who also makes helicopters and used that knowledge to design the guitars. The shape and way the guitar is constructed work together to add add strength, reduce feedback and create  greater amplification.

I actually first heard an Ovation played a few years ago when attending a Woodstock reunion festival. As I was walking down a dirt road I heard this beautiful guitar sound coming from a little ways off it was just acoustic not plugged in. When I found the person playing it he showed me that it was an Ovation. I laughed at the back and he  told me that the guitar makes the sound he likes and that is all that matters. Well, I had to admit. I liked it too! A few years later when I had the opportunity to get a guitar I was just playing every guitar in the store trying to find one that I liked and when I came across an Ovation it easily stood out from every other guitar in the store, in fact several stores. I had to get it!


Ovation CS24P-FKOA Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Figured Koa


When you sit and strum this guitar it has such a good sound, all the notes blend great and there is a lot of “shine” to the tone. When you plug this guitar in to pretty much anything it sounds AWESOME and you start to really believe that this acoustic guitar was built to be plugged in!  Honestly, we played open mic after open mic and every time someone would comment about how great my guitar sounded on ANY system that I plugged it into. Also, I must say that I can not remember having any problems with feedback.

Ovation Celebrity Deluxe CC44 Acoustic-electric Guitar, Spalted Maple

So far I have only talked about the sound and playability of the guitar and I will admit that that is what really matters. But if you like guitars to look nice as well then you will not be disappointed with the Ovation brand. Ovation guitars come in a wide variety of forms and colors. Many of the Ovation guitars do not have the traditional center sound whole, opting instead for one off to the side or several smaller ones on each side giving the guitars a distinctive look. The finishes are also very nice and help the guitar stand out even when no one is playing it. Ovation guitars can look modern and cutting edge, as well as classic and classy. You can even custom order your to your liking from any Ovation dealer at no extra cost.

Ovation Adamas 2080SR-NWT Acoustic-Electric Guitar

I very highly recommend these guitars. I will never part with mine, and if something happened to it I would get another one immediately.



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Ovation Guitars

Ovation Guitars