Larrivee Guitars is a guitar manufacturer that was started in 1968 in Toronto, Canada by Jean Larrivée. After working as an apprentice for German classical guitar builder Edgar Mönch, Jean Larrivée opened his own shop with his own unique style of acoustic guitars. From 1868 until 1982 Larrivee Guitars were exclusively high quality acoustic guitars built with a high attention to detail mostly by hand by just a few highly skilled people. The great sound, look, and feel of the guitars kept demand high and kept the company growing. In 1983 Larrivee Guitars added electric guitars to their line and kept the same attention to detail and high quality workmanship. Today Larrivee Guitars are still going strong with two plants, one in California and one in Canada. Larrivee Guitars have now added some modern tools that really help improve the already high quality of the guitars including laser cutters, and computer aided design.

Larrivee D03R Acoustic Guitar All Solid Wood Guitar

Most Larrivee Guitars are built with an all solid wood construction, no plywood for better tone and sustain. Each neck is a single piece of Mahogany, and the guitars feature a Sitka Spruce Sound Top with Rosewood Back & Sides, and Ebony Fretboard & Bridge. The acoustic electric versions include a Baggs Stagepro Element system which is an active pic-up and pre-amp system with a 3 band eq and a phase inversion control switch to reduce feedback.  There are two types, one that is built into the guitar and one that is fastened to the inside back of the guitar so the guitar does not need to be cut to house the controls. These guitars are super nice and extremely high quality. Larrivee Guitars really need to be played to really understand how great they feel and sound.



Larrivee LV-10 Deluxe Series w/ Cutaway Acoustic Guitar

Larrivee Guitars also make a super nice mandolin. These are some of the nicest and best sounding mandolins that I have seen. A really high quality of workmanship can be seen in every single one of these instruments. Most Larrivee Mandolins are made of Flamed Maple with a Sitka Spruce Top, Maple Neck, Ebony Fretboard, Casted Tail-Piece, and a Loar Style Bridge.


There are four models of electric guitars that are built by Larrivee Guitars. The Lancaster model has a strat style body with a Single piece Quarter-sawn Rock Maple neck that is a perfect replica of a 1952 Telecaster blackguard neck, Dual action truss rod, Hipshot Contour Tremolo,  and a 3 single coil or two single coil one humbucker pick-up configuration. This guitar is really nice and is one of my favorite from Larrivee Guitars electric line.

Larrivee OM-40 Legacy Series Mahogany Acoustic Guitar Natural


The  Bakersfield is also a pretty nice guitar that has a body style similar to a Telecaster. This model has many of the same features as the Lancaster model but with a Callaham Model “T” Bridge and Seymour Duncan Custom Shop pick-ups and comes in a few different beautiful finishes. This guitar is as bluesy as any other!

The RS-2 has a Les Paul look to it and it is a very sharp looking guitar. It has a Mahogany neck and body, Klusons Tulip Tip tuners, Tonepros AVT-II bridge, and Generation III Larrivee Standard pick-ups. This guitar really sings and is a guitar that you keep picking up after you have put it down. The RS-4 is very similar to the RS-2 but is definitely a step up featuring really high quality wiring, finishes, Tonepros bridge and tailstop, and more pick-up options really make this guitar stand above and be as close to a Larrivee Guitars signature electric guitar as you can get. This is a guitar you don’t put down. Ever!



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