Bedell Guitars is a relatively new acoustic guitar manufacturer from Oregon, USA started by Tom Bedell, Founder of Two Old Hippies, LLC. in 2009. Despite being so new to the guitar creating world Bedell Guitars are fine crafted guitars that can stand up to their more seasoned competitors. All wood construction from the finest woods, really nice finishes and excellent feel and tone prove that Bedell Guitars know how to make a guitar, and that they are here to stay. Bedell Guitars show a lot of appreciation for the wood that goes into their guitars by having what they call a “Seed To Song Journey”. They never use any clear cut trees and try to take as many steps to be friendly to the environment as possible with a whole set of rules that dictate how their wood can be gathered. Theses guitars are truly GREEN. In many cases they can tell you the exact spot in the woods your Bedell guitar comes from., how old the tree was, even what happened to the tree and how it was handled. Tell me another guitar company that can do that. This level of appreciation and intimate knowledge of a guitar really helps you become connected to your instrument on a whole new level.

Bedell MB-18-G Orchestra Acoustic Guitar

Bedell Guitars come in several amazing acoustic models.



Bedell TBCE-18-G Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar


Antiquity Series

The Antiquity Series of Bedell Guitars actually leave me speechless. You simply will not find any other guitars like these. There are 2 models in the Antiquity series and both are made from extremely rare wood. The “Luck Strike” model sides and back are made from Honduran Mahogany, from a tree called “The Tree” that was found on the forest floor in 1965, it was estimated to have been 500 years old. The top of the guitar is made from The majestic Lucky Strike redwood tree which was salvaged from an old-growth forest of Northern California. The Lucky Strike also features a Ebony fingerboard and bridge.

The second guitar in the Antiquity Series is the Bedell Antiquity Milagro. This  beautiful guitar sides and back are made from The Milagro tree, a “miraculous” Brazilian rosewood tree that is estimated to have germinated in the early 1600’s. The top of the guitar is made from a salvaged Sitka spruce hand picked by Tom Bedell, this Sitka Spruce tree is also 400 years old.  the Bedell Antiquity Milagro also features a Ebony fingerboard and bridge.


Summer of Love Series

The Summer of Love series are several models of guitars that attempt to bring pack the spirit of he late 1960’s. The guitars are Adirondack/Brazilian dreadnought guitars that sound really nice. The soundboards are crafted from 200-year-old Adirondack Spruce and the fretboard is Brazilian Rosewood. The necks feature incredibly exquisite inlay that needs to bee seen to believed.


Revere Series

The Revere Series comes in three models the Orchestra, Parlor, and Dreadnought. These top of the line guitars feature a perfectly cured rosewood back-and-side with a Adirondack Spruce soundboard. Ebony fretboard and bridge, and the PowerMix Pure XT system from K&K Sound that allows these guitars to be amplified.


Coffee House Series

The Coffee House Series also comes in three models the Orchestra, Parlor, and Dreadnought. These striking guitars come with a really nice espresso sunburst finish, handcrafted koa binding, Indian Rosewood backs and sides. Adirondack spruce top, Ebony fretboard and bridge, and K&K Pure Mini pickups.


1964 Series

The 1964 Series also comes in three models the Orchestra, Parlor, and Dreadnought. These guitars look great in a heirloom sunburst finish, Honduran Mahogany back and sides, Sitka Spruce top, Ebony fretboard and bridge, and K&K Pure Mini pickups.


Earthsong Series

The Earthsong Series also comes in three models the Orchestra, Parlor, and Dreadnought. These guitars feature a “Root Beer” sunburst finish. Western bigleaf maple back and sides, Sitka spruce top, Walnut fretboard and bridge,  and K&K Pure Mini pickups.



Bedell Coffee House Dreadnought Acoustic/Electric Guitar Espresso Sunburst

Overall these guitars are stunning to look at and sound just as good, they will leave you standing in awe of the wood that they are created from, and you will appreciate the care that went into them.





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