Today I want to tell everyone about the Yamaha Silent Guitar. The Yamaha Silent Guitar is an unusual type of guitar in that it is not designed to produce sound from it’s body like an acoustic guitar, and it doesn’t use magnetic pickups like an electric guitar. Yamaha is not the only silent guitar manufacturer out there, but they do make some of the best ones on the market today.

Yamaha Silent Guitar – Etude e minor (F. Tarrega)


The Yamaha Silent Guitar uses a Piezo pickup very similar to one that a acoustic guitar might use to turn string vibrations into electricity (and then sound), instead of a magnetic pickup. This has some advantages, for one thing the pre-amp system that Yamaha has installed in these guitars is pretty awesome. it has an output jack for plugging into an amplifier for live performance, or headphones so that you can play without bothering the neighbors. It has an input jack for an mp3 player, tablet, or similar device, to allow you to play along with an external source. This is great if you use the Yamaha Silent Guitar as a practice instrument, you can record some backing tracks and jam along with them in the headphones, or just play along with your favorite CD.


Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG110S – short etude on Baltic beach

The Yamaha Silent Guitar Piezo pickup and pre-amp system also come with built in effects like Yamaha’s great sounding Chorus, 3 different Reverb settings, and Echo. Of course the Yamaha Silent Guitar Piezo pickup and pre-amp system also has volume, bass, and treble controls, and runs on a 9 volt battery so it can be played anywhere without electricity. The Piezo pickup also sounds really great, and the guitar has a nice warm full body warm sound very similar to that of an acoustic guitar. In fact, many big name players use a silent guitar as an acoustic during live performances.This system is similar to the system in Godin Guitars.

Yamaha SLG130NW Silent Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Another advantage to this type of guitar is that because the guitar is not hollow it is able to be used in very loud environments without feeding back. Many people use it where an a acoustic guitar under heavy amplification is called for. No magnetic pickups means the guitar does not pick up a lot of unwanted external noise like fluorescent lighting, electric motors, passing airplanes, your amplifier etc., just a nice clean quiet sound.


The Yamaha Silent Guitar also comes apart making it easy to fit in small places, meaning you can always have it with you.


The Yamaha Silent Guitar Models

  • SLG130NW – features a Maple body, Mahogany neck,Ebony fingerboard, and a Rosewood bridge.
  • SLG110N – features a Maple body, Mahogany neck, Rosewood fingerboard, and a Rosewood bridge.
  • SLG110S – features a Maple body, Mahogany neck, Rosewood fingerboard, and a Rosewood bridge.

Yamaha SLG110N Silent Guitar – Nylon String

Any of these models would make a great addition to any guitar players collection.  They make a great travel partner, and the thin, fast neck allows for an easier, electric guitar style playing and practice.


Minor Blues Improv using Yamaha’s silent guitar SGL-100S


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Yamaha Silent Guitar

Yamaha Silent Guitar