Simple Programmer

Today I want to tell everyone about a great website and blog called “Simple Programmer” ( I found this website a short time ago and I like it so much that I thought I would write this article and tell you about it. Its creator John Somnez has a real talent for creating blog posts, videos, and emails that really make sense and get you motivated to get to work. Even if you are not a programmer and have no interest at all in learning to program, there is so much helpful information that will be helpful to you it is unbelievable. John is the perfect “lead by example” role model, he posts new stuff seemingly every single day and seems to know exactly what you want to know. For the non-programmer there are posts about how to learn new things, how to create a great blog, how to get and stay motivated, even how to get fit. Honestly I am just scratching the surface of what he will show and explain and even if you have no interest in programming I highly recommend checking the site out. I promise you that you will spend a whole day there just learning and being amazed at the amount of information that will be useful to you.

If you ARE interested in programming and coding then this is your Holy Grail of websites. Everything is here, every programming language is discussed, how to get started, get your first job, what language is best, what approach is best, better ways to look at problems to find solutions, game development, web development, app development, how to get a job, how to dress for the part. EVERYTHING! Once you get on this website you can be there for weeks if John didn’t remind you to get up and get to work and put these ideas to use.

Any time that I am feeling down, uninspired, unmotivated, about my career or my life, I click over to “Simple Programmer” and a short time later I find that I am not only refreshed and motivated once again, but I have learned a great deal of new information that I can put to use.

I know that this is quite a dramatic praise but the truth is that John Somnez and his “Simple Programmer” website is among the most deserving I have ever seen. I myself have signed up to every one of his mailing lists that I come across and I highly recommend that you do the same.

Thanks for reading