G&L Guitars Company was founded in the late 1970’s by Leo Fender, George Fullerton, and Dale Hyatt . The G&L name comes from the initials of George Fullerton & Leo Fender. It is no shock that these are some great guitars that play and sound great.

G&L Ascari

G&L Guitars are very high quality handmade guitars that are very similar to Fender guitars, and some of the improvements may even make them even better than an original Fender. For one thing they have a new hand wound pickup design simply referred to as The G&L Magnetic Field Pickup that makes use of a new type of magnet called a ceramic bar magnet with adjustable soft iron poles instead of the traditional Alnico type of magnet. This feature allows you to adjust your pickups on a per string basis as opposed to the standard pickup design that only lets you adjust the whole pickup. Adjusting individual pole pieces lets you really fine tune your sound get the perfect balance between the lower and higher strings suited to your personal taste. This is a really nice feature that really helps you get your own sound.


G&L Tribute Legacy Guitar (3 Tone Sunburst, Hard Rock Rosewood Neck)


G&L Guitars also feature a Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato which is a two pivot point tremolo bridge system that allows players to bend notes up as well as down. This system is similar to but not same as the Floyd Rose tremolo system, or the Kahler tremolo system that have been in use for many years now, but many people prefer the Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato on the G&L Guitars over both. The bridge on G&L Guitars also come with something called a Saddle-Lock bridge. A Saddle-Lock bridge uses a small Allen screw on the side of the bridge to lock the saddles together to prevent them from moving side to side and causing a loss of energy from the strings. This combined with the large size of the steel bridge of the Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato itself helps a lot with sustain and transferring string energy to the body of the guitar for a better over all tone and sustain. Some say the sustain is comparable if not improved over the non moving six screw bridges. The vibrato bar itself has even been improved with the addition of a  tremolo arm that uses a single locking Allen screw and a nylon insert to allow for quick installation and removal of the tremolo bar. Tou can even adjuse the amount of resistance on the arm to be just the way you like it to be.


G&L Guitars use something called Plek Pro Fret Analysis and Dressing. This is a more modern guitar building tool. Simply put, it is a computerized machine that scans a fret board for it’s exact curvature, height of frets, with of neck, etc. and makes a map of the entire fret board.  The machine will then use this map to precisely file down the wood and also crown the frets to make every fret on the fret board absolutely perfect, no buzzing or dead spots, no frets sticking up or hanging over the side of the neck.  The Plek Pro Fret Analysis machine then precisely cuts each slot in the nut for each of the strings according to the specified size of the string to make sure each string fits perfectly into it’s groove. This really helps the guitar stay in tune and stay that way even after a lot of “Dual-Fulcrum Vibrato” use. The guitar string is able to travel from the fret board, over the nut, and to the tuning pegs without sharp edges or hang-ups grabbing the strings causing them to often not return to the correct pitch, and also causing the strings wear out faster leading to frequent string breakage.



G&L Tribute L2000 Electric Bass Guitar Tobacco Sunburst Rosewood Fretboard


Overall G&L Guitars are top of the line, high quality instruments that sound and play AWESOME! Each and every G&L Guitar is sure to inspire and impress as well as be a perfect addition to your arsenal.

G&L Guitars Factory Tour





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G&L Guitars

G&L Guitars